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Rodeo Drive, Napa Valley and Everything Luxury…

June 25, 2018

What Is Luxury?

Everything Darling…

This past weekend I went on a pilgrimage to Beverly Hills, the mecca of luxury, and decided to take a jaunt around town. Walking north on Beverly Drive I noticed some shabby storefronts, a couple of new faddy food eateries and several coffee shop chains filled with regulars who were permanent fixtures defining the zeitgeist. As I turned left on Dayton, I could hear 80’s music barreling down the street towards me. My insides were dancing as the SOS Band sang “Take Your Time Do It Right.” Suddenly, I had a little spring in my step. Well, in all honesty, I was ready to break out my Donna Summers moves right there on the street but my better self-decided against the humiliation. As I neared Rodeo Drive I had to nudge my way through a sea of people taking photographs, selfie’s, smoking cigarettes, speaking multiple languages as loud cars roared up and down the strip. Have I just walked onto the set of the Hunger Games?  This place Rocked! When someone says Rodeo Drive, I instantly think of shopping, glitterati and the finer things in life, not a full blown party! A moment ago I was a stone’s throw away where few people were wandering an unknown street, and the only notable event were the smells that wafted via a gentle breeze from the ovens at Il Fornaio.

It got me thinking; why are people drawn to this street? Why are people attracted to any street, town, state or location? I decided to put my curious George hat on and ask people three questions:

  1. When you hear the words Rodeo Drive what is the first thing you think of?
  2. When you hear the words Napa Valley What is the first thing you think of?
  3. What does Luxury mean to you?

I found most people were willing to engage with me – everyone wants to be in moving pictures baby! Take a look at the video I made to see how folks answered. Too much fun!

Notice how many of my actors didn’t even know ‘what’ Napa Valley is. That gave me a chuckle because whatever city you live in, we all get caught up in our micro-world of self-importance. What they all agreed on, was luxury meant purchasing power! It got me thinking; was their ability to buy goods associated with a specific location or was luxury a feeling? I contemplated their answers extensively, and it made me go deep into my heart and ask myself the same question. What is Luxury to you Agi? Honestly, it didn’t take long for me to answer my question. Luxury for me is time. Time spent with people I love and time spent enjoying every minute of life. Time indeed is the most priceless, luxurious gift you can give to someone you care about. I hope my fun little adventure has put a smile on your face and moved you to take a moment of your day to explore what your luxury is…


Remember, life is a fast moving train, you live, you love, you work, and you die. Your in-between better be good. 

What’s your in-between? Let me know!
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