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Discover a Tranquil Gathering Spot in Yountville

June 4, 2018

Yountville Gathering Spot

I recently discovered a spot in Yountville to plop down my computer, grab a cup of joe and work outdoors. With plenty of comfy couches and tables for you to find the perfect spot, you are sure to end up sharing a conversation with an old friend or a new face. The setting was tranquil, if it weren’t for my grumbling tummy, I wouldn’t have known it was lunchtime. Leaving my computer on the community table, I shuffled into the Southside Café to peruse their menu. They offer freshly baked goods and several farm to table meals that had my tummy grumbling even louder. I ordered a salad with wild fish, a variety of greens and a perfectly tart lemon vinaigrette. Not only was it delivered to me at my newly minted outdoor office, but they also topped it off with an edible pink flower! As I tapped away on my keyboard for hours, I would intermittently hear my name from a friend who offered me a warm ‘hello’ or a wet nosed furry pal would pad over looking for a scrub on its head or a morsel from my plate.

Southside Café along with Stewart Cellars have combined their complementary businesses “Food & Wine” into a courtyard right in the heart of Yountville. Should you decide to hang out for lunch, all you have to do is walk a few steps into Stewart Cellars and order a bottle of their acclaimed wines to sip while dining. When in Rome…    
•    South Side Cafe 
•    Stewart Cellars

It’s always good to have friends in high places. So, when you go to Stewart Cellars, make sure to ask for Cameron Shaw and let her know you are a friend of Agi’s. She will take extra good care of you!
Remember, life is a fast moving train, you live, you love, you work, and you die. Your in-between better be good. 
What’s your in-between? Let me know!
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