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AVS Group January Newsletter

January 2, 2020

Agi Vermes Smith Group January Newsletter

Message from Agi


Dear Friends,

Happy 2020!

 A new decade is upon us. What a fabulous opportunity to write out what you want your next ten years to look like. My daughter and I have a New Year’s Day tradition we started years ago. We write out the items from the past year we want to throw away, and then we write out all our dreams and wishes for the New Year. In our own YaYa Sisterhood way, we fold up our past and future and light the paper on fire allowing the wind to blow our dreams and wishes to the universe.

 I wish for you that the wind will blow all your dreams and wishes into existence.


Agi Smith

AgiSmith@Comcast.net, 707.363.9896, www.AgiSmithRealEstate.com


New Listing

1780 Whitehall Ln | St. Helena, CA | $22,000/month

If you have ever wondered what it would be like to live in Napa Valley, now is your chance to take a test drive. You can lease this quintessential Wine Country estate. The views are breathtaking on this iconic Trophy property. It is centrally located in the valley, with vineyards and olive trees surrounding the estate. There is a tennis court for your pleasure and a beautiful infinity pool accentuating the incredible views of the property. Rarely is there an opportunity to live the lifestyle this property offers. 

You can view a video of the property here.


Featured Listing

3291 St. Helena Hwy | St. Helena, CA | $12,000,000

Please visit NapaValleyVineyardMansion.com for more information. Click image for video of the property. 


Book Club

 During the holidays, my tradition is to read a classic book. Nothing fills my soul more than a well-written story. Toni Morrison did not disappoint in this brilliantly written book. The tale takes place during the period after the great depression when people were more concerned with making ends meet, and survival was on everyone’s mind. The lead character is a young black girl named Pecola. Her parents are abusive, not just toward each other but towards Pecola and her brother. Pecola had been teased her whole life for being ugly, and she is convinced if she had blue eyes, people would love her, and her whole life would transform. Pecola’s mother works for a wealthy white family, and when she comes home from work, she resents her own family and house for not being white and wealthy. Pecola doesn’t feel she fits in anywhere. Without giving away the deepest secret of Pecola’s life, in the end, she tragically goes mad, believing her wish came true, and she has the bluest eyes…

Bluest Eyes was Toni Morrison’s first book. She went on to win the Pulitzer Prize for Beloved and the Nobel Prize in literature. I can’t emphasize enough how incredibly brilliant the writing is in this book. The story is timeless, if not even more poignant today, where looks and material items are the focus of every young person, especially if they are engaged in social media. I believe many of today’s young generation has the same fears as Pecola did – Fear of missing out and not fitting in. I was spellbound by Toni’s brilliance… Truly a must-read if you love classic’s as I do.

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